Take A Fall Foliage Trail Ride On Horseback At Stirrup Fun Stables In Connecticut

Fall in Connecticut is a magical time. With so many activities to experience, it’s almost overwhelming. From visiting autumn attractions like Pumpkintown U.S.A. to picking apples at Karabin Farms, there’s a lot to do here. One activity you may have not yet considered is a trail ride in Connecticut. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, or it’s been years since you’ve done so, a trail ride is a great way to check out the fall foliage in Connecticut. Stirrup Fun Stables Rescue, Inc. provides a safe environment for riders of all skill levels. You’ll get to see Connecticut nature from a whole new vantage point.

Interested in going on a trial ride in Connecticut at Stirrup Fun Stables? Check out their website or Facebook for more information!

Address: Stirrup Fun Stables, 806 Trumbull Hwy, Lebanon, CT 06249, USA