Thousands Of Singing Spring Peepers Are A Welcome Sound Of A New Season Here In Connecticut

Life can be pretty stressful, sometimes leaving us on edge as we wonder what’s going to happen next. But some things, like vibrant springtime wildflowers and enchanting ruby-throated hummingbirds, always stay the same. As the weather warms up across the state, we can always count on the frogs’ delightful chorus to cheer us up. Thousands of singing spring peepers are always a welcome sound of spring in Connecticut.

Do spring peepers come out in Connecticut? Yep! Have you heard the spring peeper’s call this year? What’s your favorite thing about spring in Connecticut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Do Spring Peepers Come Out In Connecticut?

March 09, 2022

What is spring like in Connecticut?

One word: unpredictable. Spring in Connecticut is, of course, absolutely beautiful. However, we always have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. A beautiful warm spell can suddenly snap with a bitter cold front. That means always being prepared. Even if we leave the house in shorts and a t-shirt, because the weather’s delightfully warm, we still carry extra clothes, just in case the temperatures nosedive. We can’t forget the mud either. Spring in Connecticut can be downright muddy, something you’ll deal with a lot if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

What are the best things about spring in Connecticut?

Spring in Connecticut means so much natural beauty – from the budding cherry blossoms to the return of the ruby-throated hummingbirds. Do spring peepers come out in Connecticut during the spring? They sure do! Spring’s all about nature’s rebirth, and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. There’s no better time than spring to chase waterfalls, and we’ve got quite a few waterfall hikes in Connecticut worth checking out. For an oh-so-short but sweet trek, follow the .01-mile trail to Wadsworth Big Falls in Worthington. It’s particularly powerful and gorgeous after the spring thaw. Or take the short stroll to Chapman Falls in East Haddam.

What are the best spring hikes in Connecticut?

One of the best things about spring in Connecticut? Spending time outdoors. The warm weather provides an idyllic backdrop for hiking, and we’ve got a ton of amazing spring hikes in Connecticut. Tallying just over 1.5 miles, the Red Loop Trail at Southford Falls State Parks boasts a ton of gorgeous natural scenery, including a beautiful waterfall. Explore a wetland marsh along the 2.5-mile Michael Donnelly Preserve Trail, or explore the forest on the Bluff Point State Park Trail. Bailey’s Ravine at Ayer’s Gap, on the other hand, leads to a gorgeous cascade. Don’t forget your camera no matter what Connecticut trail you follow.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.