Cuddle The Most Adorable Rescued Farm Animals For Free At Locket’s Meadow Farm In Connecticut

Animal neglect is heartbreaking, and, unfortunately, happens all too often. Thankfully, dedicated advocates have established loving sanctuaries to care for all creatures great and small. The goal of these venues is to help ensure defenseless animals have a second-chance at receiving all the love humans are capable of giving.

Locket’s Meadow Farm in Bethany, Connecticut, is one such safe haven for our four-footed friends who, in no fault of their own, were previously mistreated. Tours of the 15-acre farm are available. Visitors who interact with these loving animals are sure to forget their cares for a few hours.

To learn more about Locket’s Meadow Farm, visit the rescue’s website or Facebook page.

Address: 771 Litchfield Tpke, Bethany, CT 06524