Take This Pumpkin Patch Trolley Ride In Connecticut For A Whimsical Fall Adventure

Fall is a magical season for the kids. Apple picking and trick or treating are activities that only roll around once every year. Make this autumn even more memorable by embarking on the best pumpkin patch trolley ride in Connecticut that will create smiles for miles. This whimsical adventure takes you to a charming pumpkin patch in Connecticut that’s bound to create memories.

Address: 58 North Road, East Windsor, CT 06088

Fall is a beautiful time to get out and about in Connecticut. The crisp air, vibrant fall colors, and the festive feeling in the air are all reasons to try something new. Why not head to the Connecticut Trolley Museum this season and have your own fall adventure? Have you ever joined in the fun on the best pumpkin patch trolley ride in Connecticut? Do you know some kids that would love this kind of adventure? Both the young and young at heart will love visiting this pumpkin wonderland and this enchanting faerie village this fall.


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Best Pumpkin Patch Trolley Ride & Fall Train Rides In Connecticut

August 14, 2019

What are the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut?

Fall isn’t complete without a visit to a pumpkin patch in Connecticut. We love the trolley ride and pumpkin patch experience at the museum described above, but there are even more opportunities to find the perfect pumpkin. When the weather cools and you are read to get in the festive, fall spirit, check out The Pickin’ Patch in Avon, March Farm in Bethlehem, or one of the other charming patches on our list here.

What fall train rides can you take in Connecticut?

What is it about a fall train ride in Connecticut? Train rides through our beautiful countryside are always memorable, but of course when the peak fall foliage surrounds you, this experience is downright magical. Connecticut offers many chances to ride the rails this fall, and not only the trolley ride in the article above. The Essex Steam Train is a truly nostalgic experience that offers incredible fall scenery. The Railroad Museum of New England is also a great option for a fall train ride in Connecticut. Read about a few more unique outings here.

What are the best fall festivals in Connecticut?

Fall is a season when everyone wants to celebrate. Throughout history, it’s been a season to celebrate harvest time, as well as Halloween and other festive events. Connecticut offers harvest festivals, Oktoberfest celebrations, fall-themed gatherings, and much more. Read about some of the best fall festivals here.