Here Are The 8 Poorest Cities In Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in America, with some of the highest concentrations of wealth existing in its small towns. But some of its cities fall among the poorest in the country. Some have been declared “distressed,” and all of these suffer from lower incomes, higher rates of poverty, and higher unemployment rates. Scroll to see the poorest cities in Connecticut for yourself.

Were you surprised by the poorest cities in Connecticut? That may be because some of the poorest cities often have the greatest wealth disparities! So you’re still likely to see gorgeous multi-million dollar estates in these areas. But the extremely poor areas hiding within them can not be forgotten.

This list was created with the help of the Hartford Courant and RoadSnacks, who gathered information from the American Community Survey and The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. Check out this list as well, where we rated the safest places in Connecticut!