Most People Don’t Know This Park In Connecticut Was Built On An Ancient Burial Ground

Connecticut is known across the nation for its ties to the paranormal. But sometimes the creepy factor is a lot more tangible than a ghost story. There’s one place in Connecticut that’s often forgotten when it comes to strange histories, and that’s the New Haven Green. The 16-acre park is an often used picnic and event space, but it’s also an ancient burial ground.

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy uprooted a historic 103-year-old tree on the green. Imagine one resident’s surprise when she saw human remains tangled up in the roots! Given the timing, some thought it was a Halloween prank. But it was actually a 400-year-old skeleton from the grave site turned local park. You can see the news coverage here:
You can use the address Temple Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511 to find your way to the New Haven Green.
To see more of New Haven’s grave history, try a visit to the Center Church on the Green and see the underground crypt for yourself.