The most haunted house in Connecticut is actually a lighthouse. This state may be considered one of the most haunted but when it comes to houses, the ghosts of Nutmeggers tend to stay away. I don’t know if their preference to haunt whole cemeteries and towns is better or worse, but I’m glad that purchasing a home with an evil spirit is a rarity here. But even better news is that this haunting is benevolent! Turns out some men just can’t leave their post, even after death.

Not many folks get a chance to see this lighthouse up close and personal, but this short film uses drone footage to provide a never before seen look at the historical lighthouse rumored to be haunted. The majestic sight, especially when placed beside the beach, makes it hard to believe that a spirit may be lurking just a mile and a half from the shore, but that’s what makes hauntings so eerie. No matter how benevolent the spirit, or how pretty the beach, there is just something unsettling about spirits from the other side coming to visit.

Ghost stories give me the heebie jeebies! And now I’ll have to investigate all the beaches in the state so I know where the ghosts are. But what do you think? Do you find this totally cool or totally eerie?

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