A Drone Flew Over A Coastal Town In Connecticut And Captured Mesmerizing Footage

Connecticut is a small state, and is too often forgotten. Sandwiched between popular travel destinations like New York and Massachusetts, you can’t forget that the Constitution State has its fair share of attractions and stunning natural beauty. Milford is a coastal city with plenty of sights, and this drone footage will make you fall in love with it! The linear white sand beaches, docked boats, and oceanfront property are classic Connecticut. So whether you’ve moved away and are feeling homesick, or just miss the summer season, these aerial shots will transport you to Connecticut’s beautiful shores.

Arnav Sen captured this incredible video, which is just the beginning of Connecticut’s sights. Check out these Scenic Roads and Charming Towns for more picture perfect places to visit! Then share photos of your adventures with us on Instagram @onlyinconnecticut to have them featured.

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