Open Since 1942, Merritt Canteen In Connecticut Is A Step Back In Time

Ever feel like things are just moving too fast? We have access to the whole world’s knowledge in the palm of our hands at any given time, so it makes sense that sometimes everyone feels a bit overwhelmed. It’s easy to daydream about taking a step back to simpler times, before Facebook ran our lives and everyone’s eyes were staring at a screen all the time. One nostalgic restaurant in Connecticut where you can at least feel like you went back in time is the classic Merritt Canteen. This ultra-casual spot has been open since 1942 and you’ll feel like not too much has changed when you’re here!

This is such a fun and old-timey spot! You can learn more about Merritt Canteen from the restaurant’s website.


Address: Merritt Canteen, 4355 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06606, USA