You’ll Be Transported To Africa Dining At Lalibela in Connecticut

When it comes to ethnic restaurants in Connecticut, most people’s minds go straight to Mexican or Italian. After all, Italian immigrants created our delicious Connecticut-style apizza, and you can find a great Mexican joint on practically every street corner. But one type of restaurant that doesn’t get quite enough love is those serving Ethiopian food in Connecticut. We only have a few Ethiopian restaurants in Connecticut, and many aren’t even familiar with African cuisine, but it’s absolutely delicious and has something for everyone. Whether you like spicy or mild food, or love meat or are a strict vegan, you can find a dish that’s perfect for you on the menu at Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant in New Haven.

For more information about Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant, check out the restaurant’s website.

Address: Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant, 176 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510, USA

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