The Story Behind This Unique Cave In Connecticut Is Fascinating And You Can Hike Right To It

Connecticut as one of the thirteen original colonies is overflowing with history. Much of it we learn in history class, but there are other stories that are more obscure. Today’s feature centers around Judges Cave, a once-notorious hideout for fugitives running from a British king.

The story begins during the year 1659 in England when 59 British judges sentenced King Charles I to death. With this act, the monarchy was dissolved and Oliver Cromwell was placed into power. Years later in 1660, when the son of the beheaded king was restored to power, he wanted to take revenge on those judges. An order was issued that each regicide must be put to death. Three of the judges, Edward Whalley, William Goffe, and John Dixwell fled to North America to escape this fate.

Have you ever taken the hike up to Judges Cave? If you love combining a great hike with places of history, head over to this coastal area to explore another ancient cave where Connecticut’s first residents took shelter long ago.