Full disclosure: some of these adventures are not quite as “treetop” as I’d like them to be, but when you’re as immersed in the woods as these spots are, it won’t really matter. You’ll be so surrounded, you’ll start to think that you and the forest are one! So, how do you have fun in the trees? You visit one of these cool locales, each with a different level of thrill. Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or zipline across the river, there’s a forest-themed place for everyone. Make the most of the summer weather and start with exploring one of Connecticut’s largest features. You’ll have tons of fun in the trees and you’ll make memories you’ll never forget. Check it out:

Connecticut offers more fun in the trees than most states, but it may not be for everyone. If you’re more of a beach person we’ve still got you covered. You can find our favorite beach destinations listed here.

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