This Rare Footage In The 1950s Shows Connecticut Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’re from Connecticut, the story of P.T. Barnum may be one you already know. A state resident and circus owner, he had a love for the unnatural that was itself unnatural. You can still pay a visit to his museum and check out the oddities for yourself, but even there you won’t be given the opportunity to see footage like this, of the days when the circus was at its peak.

The huge Hartford Circus Fire of 1944 made the Ringling Brothers hesitant to return to the state, but with Barnum’s love of his hometown and the persuasive help of Joe Tinty, they returned. In 1951, the circus was actually hosted on Tinty’s property. You’ll see performers arriving to the grounds, sharing in some laughs, and prepping for the show. But what I love most is the residents wandering around the grounds, catching a glimpse of the act beforehand. The crowd is pretty big for the circus just arriving, highlighting a time when the circus was the center of the carnival scene and a fan favorite when it came to entertainment.

Check it out for yourself! After seeing this footage you’ll wish you could time travel and see it in person. I know I do!

The circus just doesn’t come to town like this anymore! If you had the fortune of being around during these golden performance days, you probably have memories of getting to see the performers and animals up close way before the show got started. Not like today, where you’re ushered in and out (unless you have backstage passes). This era was so cool! Especially for lovers of the strange and unusual.