Uh Oh… Here Are The 9 Drunkest Places In Connecticut

Some drink to relax, and some drink to get drunk, but whatever your goal, you should know where to go for weekend fun. Your best bet for a good time involving alcohol is one of these places. But how did we pick these spots? We did the research of course! This list came about after reviewing other lists and considering factors such as percentage of adults aged 20-29 (because statistically they drink to get drunk more often). Also included are the number of bars per capita, the number of liquor stores per capita, and the number of alcohol-related tweets in the area. Thanks to the research team at roadsnacks.net and analysis company 24/7 Wall Street for making the data available.

So we’re saying drunkest, but they could just be the biggest party animals. What do you say? Have you ever stopped for a drink in one of these cities?

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