We Bet You Didn’t Know That Connecticut Was Home To One Of The First Elevators In A Private Home

For most of us, the idea of an elevator in our private home is a bit far-fetched. It’s certainly something too luxurious for the average person, but it is a reality of life for many of the rich and famous. Did you know that one of the first residential elevators in America was installed right here in Connecticut? The Heublein Tower is now a tourist attraction that looks like something from a fairy tale. The 165-foot tall tower sits tucked away in Simsbury’s Talcott Mountain State Park. However, it was once a private residence!

For more information about this historic place, you can check out the Friends of Heublein Tower website.

Have you visited the Heublein Tower? And did you know it was once home to one of the first residential elevators in America? Share your experiences in the comments!

Address: Heublein Tower, Simsbury, CT 06070, USA