The Best Strawberry Shortcake In The World Is Located At This Connecticut Bakery

Desserts tend to be near the top on lists of foods that just about everyone loves. Cookies, pies, doughnuts… if it’s sweet, people enjoy it. One dessert that we feel¬†doesn’t get enough attention is strawberry shortcake. Luckily enough, it just so happens that we have a bakery in Connecticut that makes some of the best strawberry shortcake around. DiMare Pastry Shop serves up some of the best desserts in the Nutmeg State. With so much on the menu, it can be tough to pick a favorite, but the cakes here are amazing.


For more information about DiMare Pastry Shop, including a list of cake flavors, you can visit the bakery’s website.

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Address: DiMare Pastry Shop, 1243 E Putnam Ave, Riverside, CT 06878, USA
Address: DiMare Pastry Shop, 12 Largo Dr South, Stamford, CT 06907, USA