Be On The Lookout, A New Type Of Tick Has Been Spotted In Connecticut

We’re no stranger to invasive species in Connecticut. Joro spiders, kudzu, spotted the spotted lanternfly: it’s not your imagination, there are more non-native species than ever in the news lately. The reason all these plants and animals are ending up in exotic locales is due to the increased level of air travel compared to decades past. It’s particularly easy for insects to hitch a ride on plants being shipped from overseas. Their small size makes them easy to miss by inspectors. One small critter that’s recently been spotted in Connecticut is the Asian longhorned tick. Read all about this invasive species:

If you find a tick of any species on you or a pet, grasp the tick with tweezers as closely to the skin as you can and pull straight upwards. Dispose of the tick in a sealed container soaked with alcohol or freeze them.

For more information about Asian longhorned ticks, check out the Centers for Disease Control website.

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