Arle And Boggs Vegan Eatery In Connecticut Is Off The Beaten Path But So Worth The Journey

Meatless dining is becoming more popular than ever these days. There are plenty of meat-free options that are tasty choices even if you adore meat. One vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Connecticut that’s a hit even with the most devoted of carnivores is Arle and Boggs. This plant-based eatery in Wallingford boasts delicious food, a full bar, sweet treats, and gluten-free ethnic options. They’ve got such a variety of foods that you won’t even notice meat is not on the menu!

For more information about Arle and Boggs, check out their website.

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Address: Arles & Boggs Vegan Eatery, 100 Quinnipiac St, Wallingford, CT 06492, USA