On This Day In 1987, The Unthinkable Happened In Connecticut

On April 23, 1987, the worst construction accident for nearly a decade occurred in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The incident would spark much debate, a lot of pointing fingers, and eventually, new regulations concerning methods of building construction. You may remember what happened from memory, or if you live in Bridgeport, then you’ve probably heard the ringing of the fireman’s bell in memorandum. One ring for each year that has passed, so that we never forget.

Here you can see some of the first images released on the news at the time of the event.

And here you can see the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) press conference that was held after the incident. OSHA would ultimately impose upwards of 5 million dollars in fees against the companies found responsible.

Do you remember this fateful day in history?

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