Most People Don’t Know There’s A Fountain Of Youth Hiding Deep In Colorado’s Woods

The Fountain of Youth. It’s truly a tale as old as time and nothing but a myth that was dreamed up by explorer Ponce de Leon, right? What if I told you this isn’t the case… in fact, what if I told you that a Fountain of Youth (so to speak) was located right here in Colorado? Would you believe it? Friends: I give you Uncle Charlie’s Ranch and the healing waters of the Wideawake spring:

Tucked away deep within the woods of Arapaho National Forest, Uncle Charlie’s Ranch is a non-traditional ranch that offers camping, therapeutic hot springs, and — most importantly — water that is considered to be some of the purest in the entire world. What makes the water so pure? According to Uncle Charlie’s website, “The Wideawake spring is guaranteed to have the purest water from an ancient source dated at approximately 30,000 years old. The purest water, untouched by radiation, acid rain, nuclear fallout and trace minute water pollutants that exist in 90% of the world’s water resources. The combination of age and purity results in water that has not been subjected to any impurities created by man.”

What does this mean and what about it makes it Fountain of Youth-esque? In a 2013 interview with Bella Spark, ranch owner Charlie Morgan talked about how people from all walks of life come visit the spring for its healing powers, saying “It takes your pain away –- sunburn, digestive problems, chronic pain from illness or car accidents, whatever is bothering you; it takes the pain right away. It’s healed my chronic health problems and given me so much more energy.” Sound too good to be true? Uncle Charlie is so confident in his spring that he allows visitors to not only come stay on the land, but try the water for themselves (starting at $5 per gallon). I’ll drink to that!

Uncle Charlie’s Ranch is located at 2295 Missouri Gulch Rd in Black Hawk. To visit the Ranch or order water, please visit Uncle Charlie’s website or call Charlie at 303-378-9740.

Have you tried the water from the Wideawake spring? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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