Ths Incredible Hike In Colorado Will Lead You Straight To An Abandoned Gold Mine

Are you tired of the same old Colorado hike with the same old trees, flowers, and mountain views? No? Me neither… however, if you are looking for trees, flowers, and mountain views with a little history sprinkled into the mix, you are going to love the stunning Vindicator Valley Trail:

Located near Victor, this two-mile gravel trail leads pedestrians on a journey through several late-19th-century gold mines, while at the same time telling the story of these historic buildings and the people who once mined/worked them. Begin your expedition at the 1895 Theresa Gold Mine before passing the hauntingly beautiful Anna J. Mine and several hundred others like it. Whether you walk, bike, run, or ride (horseback), you are sure to find something to love about this “gem” of an area.

Who will you take with you on this historic trail?

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