UFO Watchtower Is One Of The Strangest Places You Can Go In Colorado

Is there anything stranger to see on Earth than evidence of extraterrestrial life?

Well, there’s one place in the United States that’s apparently great for spotting alien spaceships: the UFO Watchtower, located about two miles north of Hopper, Colorado. Easily one of the strangest places in the U.S., let alone Colorado, this roadside attraction promises vortex vibes and the chance to see a UFO.

Thanks to its location in the vast San Luis Valley, the UFO Watchtower provides a stunning, clear look at the night sky — so even if you don’t see anything, um, alien, you still have the chance to admire a truly remarkable starry night sky. Stopping by during the day? Don’t worry, it’s still a bizarre and worthwhile place to visit: There’s a healing garden that’s filled with mementos from other travelers and definitely worth a look. It’s allegedly built on two vortexes, so the owner encourages visitors to leave a token behind for the vortices’ good energy.

Each car visiting just has to pay a tiny fee to access the UFO Watchtower!

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Address: UFO Watchtower, CO-17, Center, CO 81125, USA