Turn Colorado’s Grand Lake Into Your Own Oasis By Renting A Motorized Tiki Bar                                        

Summer is coming, and we here at Only in Colorado are thrilled to introduce you to unique ways to celebrate this wonderful time of year! If you are ready for something new and exciting, we highly recommend checking out this motorized tiki boat that you can ride around Grand Lake, Colorado:

Who will you bring with you on this memorable tiki boat ride? Be sure to let them know by tagging them in the comments! Do you have a favorite restaurant, event, or attraction that you would like to see featured on Only in Colorado? Don’t forget to nominate it here! For even more to see and do around Grand Lake, you will want to check out The Largest Natural Lake In Colorado, Grand Lake, Is Unbelievably Serene.

Address: 12634 US-34, Grand Lake, CO 80447, USA