You’ll Love This Amazing Tram Ride That Takes You High Above Colorado

It is no secret that Colorado is famous for its legal marijuana and the coveted high that comes along with it… however, not all of us prefer that kind of high, which is where this amazing Colorado tram — and the rush that comes along with it — comes into play:

Tucked away in the enchanting town of Telluride lies a gondola that is considered to be the “most unique transportation system of its kind in North America!” Welcome to the Telluride/Mountain Village gondola; a first-of-its-kind means of transportation that takes guests on a 13-minute ride from Telluride to Mountain Village via the scenic San Juan Mountains. First opened in 1996, the Telluride gondola runs year round and connects travelers to four different stations (consisting of various restaurants, shops, and ski slopes) from the comfort of an enclosed cable car. While we love nearly every aspect of this unique experience, our favorite part of all may just be the ride’s reasonable cost of — wait for it — FREE!

The Telluride gondola station is located at 301 W San Juan Ave in Telluride and runs daily from 6:30 am to midnight. For more information on the gondola, parking, and stops along the way, please visit the Great Telluride Vacations’ website.

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