You May Be Surprised To Learn That This Town In Colorado Is One Of The World’s Craziest Party Towns

When you think of Colorado party towns, which come to mind? Boulder? Fort Collins? Basically any town that is largely made up of college students, right? Believe it or not, those listed above are not considered to be the biggest party towns in the state… in fact, you may be surprised to learn that this iconic resort community is not only the craziest party town in Colorado, but in the WORLD:

Named one of the “World’s Craziest Party Towns” by Travel + Leisure is that of Steamboat Springs; one of Colorado’s most popular destinations for skiing, hot springs, and epic sightseeing. Listed alongside more obvious choices like New Orleans, Berlin, and São Paulo, Steamboat Springs was named one of the world’s hottest party spots because “serious skiing and serious partying sum up scenic laissez-faire Steamboat Springs, which is also hometown to 54 Winter Olympic athletes.” It should be noted that in addition to its partying ways, Steamboat is also home to a number of family-friendly events like the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo, as well as a unique selection of restaurants, shops, and other various outdoor excursions.

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