The One Place To Sleep In Colorado That’s Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

As we have mentioned time and again, Colorado is full of fun places to stay, from luxury yurts to uniquely themed hotels to retro campers and more. However, if you are looking for comfortable accommodations with an unbelievable view, you MUST make plans to sleep in this Colorado fire tower that is beyond anything you have ever dreamed:

Located atop of Clear Creek County’s majestic Squaw Mountain lies the namesake Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout; a cozy 14×14 cabin that features out-of-this-world 360 degree views of the surrounding Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests. No matter the season, Squaw Mountain is THE place to stay not only for its outdoor recreational opportunities, but also for its included amenities like beds, a kitchen, and a comfortable dining area. Access to these secluded accommodations can be found via Colorado Highway 103 (just off of I-70 at Idaho Springs) and Forest Road 192.1. (Please note that the final two miles of the trip can only be traveled by foot.)

Ready to get a firsthand glimpse at this amazing place? Watch this:

The Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout costs $80 a night and can sleep up to 4 people. For more information on Squaw Mountain, reservations, and availability, please visit Recreation.Gov’s website.