There’s No House In The World Like This One In Colorado

If you have ever traveled to the Rocky Mountains via I-70 West, there is a good chance you have seen this peculiar structure off in the distance:

What exactly is this oddity? Is it a space ship? A UFO watch site? Maybe some sort of an obtuse launching pad for a missile?

Believe it or not, the pictured building is indeed a home, officially called the Sculptured House.

Built in 1963 atop Genesee Mountain, The Sculptured House is a 5 bedroom, 5 bath, 7,770 square foot home complete with jaw-dropping views, psychedelic decor, and a history unlike any other. (For nearly 30 years the home sat vacant due to the fact that it was unfinished and too costly to purchase.) Does seeing the house up close give you some sort of déjà vu? If you answered yes, it could be because the home was featured in the 1973 Woody Allen classic, Sleeper.

What do you think: Could you live in this quirky of a home, or do you prefer something a little more traditional?