You’ve Never Experienced Anything Like This Epic Abandoned Railroad Hike In Colorado

During the mid-1800s, railroads were one of the most booming industries in Colorado. From the Union Pacific to the Colorado Central and Pacific to the Rock Island, these lines played a significant part in both the development and overall economy of the Centennial State. While several of these large railroads and lines are still in existence today, they have greatly dwindled, leaving behind several abandoned tracks and stations.

While these abandoned tracks are a subtle reminder of Colorado history and what is no more, they are also a beautiful place to walk and explore, as shown by the historic Rio Grande Trail that runs all the way from Glenwood Springs to Aspen:

Located amongst picture perfect scenery and easy-to-navigate trails, the Rio Grande Trail is situated on (and around) old railroad tracks that were once frequented by — you guessed it, the historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. The trail made up of two different paths; Glenwood Springs to Carbondale (which runs 12.25 miles) and Carbondale to Aspen (running 29.45 miles). Grab your family, pack a picnic, and get ready to take in the sights of the colorful red cliffs, sounds of the roaring Animas River, and feeling of pure nostalgia that you won’t experience anywhere else.

For more information on the Rio Grande Trail and its starting location, please visit Walk Ride Colorado.

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