10 Reasons Why Living In Colorado Is The Absolute Best

When you think of life in Colorado, what comes to mind? If you said snow, hippies, and the Broncos, you definitely have somewhat of an idea. But as any Centennial State resident will tell you, there is so, so much to love about living in Colorado! This is a surprisingly diverse and unique state.

What do you think? Do you agree with the perks of living in Colorado that are on this list? Share your favorite thing about life in Colorado in the comments!

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Life In Colorado

August 23, 2021

What are some natural wonders in Colorado?

If you ask us, the entire state is a natural wonder, but just to get a little more specific, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is truly one of the most incredible music venues in the entire world. Its storied history is the stuff of legends. If you’d like to visit a few other natural wonders in Colorado, there are plenty to explore! Mountains, waterfalls, caves, we’ve got it all!

What are some relatable things about Colorado?

Hands-down, Colorado is the best state in the nation. There are so many amazing things about living in Colorado that other states just don’t get to experience. Our sunshine, our amazing natural surroundings, our world-class museums, restaurants, and culture…pretty much everything about the Centennial State is incredible. There’s so many things that Coloradoans just do better than everyone else.

What are some good museums in Colorado?

We’ve got quite a few museums with free admission: can’t beat that! The Olympic Museum is really fascinating and one that we particularly enjoy. We’ve got some smaller, lesser-known museums that are definitely worth checking out as well, like the Edward C. Rochette Money Museum.