Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In Colorado

If you’re looking to do one of the best hikes in Colorado, then you’ll love the Switzerland Trail! This rail trail is long but because it’s built on old railroad tracks, it’s pretty easy all the way. So if you’re looking for kid-friendly hikes in Colorado and scenic hikes in Colorado, this trail fits the bill for both and more! You’ll never forget your hike on the Switzerland Trail – read on to learn more about it.

Here’s a handy map to help you find it:

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Address: Switzerland Trail, Colorado, USA
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March 11, 2022

Are there a lot of other rail trails in Colorado?  

According to the Rail-to-Trail Conservancy, there are 2,100 rail trails in the United States. 42 of them are in Colorado!

What are the benefits of rail trails in Colorado?

Rail trails are great because they are on land that has already been cleared and leveled for trains, but once the trains are discontinued, they can be used for hiking trails. These trails are generally quite easy because trains need to operate on flat ground. You’ll never encounter a grade of much more than 5% at any point.

Is this a dog-friendly Colorado trail?

They sure are! However, you’ll have to keep your dog leashed.

Is this Colorado trail busy?

Fortunately, no. The Switzerland Trail is amazing but it doesn’t get a lot of use. You won’t see many people out there when you hike this trail. However, as mentioned above, you may encounter some trucks and off-road vehicles driving along this trail. Because of this, it’s wise to wear bright colors so you will be visible to drivers.

When is the best time of year to hike the Switzerland Trail?

This hike is best attempted from May to December. From January to May, you will likely encounter a lot of snow. It can even block the trail entirely during the snowiest periods.

What elevations can I expect on this trail? 

This trail is between 7700 and 9000 feet. Be sure you bring water and if you are not accustomed to hiking at high elevations, be sure to take your time and take lots of breaks as needed. Have fun and be careful and look out for yourself and your companions. Have fun!

Address: Switzerland Trail, Colorado, USA