Colorado is full of purple mountain majesties, so you may wonder how we can pick just one to feature… in the case of today’s summit, it was a no brainer. Ranked the 427th highest Colorado peak at 13,266 ft., Marble Mountain may not seem like it is especially notable, but wait until you see this Sangre de Cristo range and its many unique dwellings:

Pictured to the far left of the stunning Sangre de Cristo mountain range, Marble Mountain is a hiker’s paradise complete with beautiful views, a butt-busting distance (12-miles round trip), and an elevation gain of a whopping 3,400 feet. What makes this pristine slope even more memorable, however, is the fact that it is home to a large and spectacular cave that at one time housed large amounts of gold. Re-discovered in the early 1900s, La Caverna del Oro (or “Cave of Gold”) has proven to be a treasure trove of history through its many uncovered items, including antique Spanish armor (complete with skeleton), arrowheads, hundreds-of-years-old tools, and more. Unfortunately the cave is extremely dangerous and is thought to be one of the deepest caves in the country, but hikers can still safely explore the entrance and first few hundred feet of the dwelling.

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