These 10 Incredible Sites In Colorado Transport You Back To The Days Of The Dinosaurs

Colorado is famous for its snowy slopes, natural beauty, and, of course, the dinosaurs. Researchers from around the world come here to study the incredible prehistoric fossils that have been uncovered since the 1800’s! While it might seem unbelievable by looking at the Rockies, Colorado was once covered by an enormous ancient sea, then later by a rich rainforest. The environment here is perfect for preserving fossilized remains, so this state has become one of the most important locations in the paleontology field.

The dusty deserts have produced thousands of well-preserved finds that have helped to piece together the incredible prehistoric past. While you may not be ready to grab a pick and start digging (it’s best to leave this job to the professionals), here are 10 incredible sites in Colorado where you can peer back in time to the days of the dinosaurs!

Who didn’t dream of dinosaurs as a kid? Indulge your childlike imagination and check out these incredible prehistoric sites!