This Underrated Trail Just Might Be The Most Beautiful Place In Colorado

Every native outdoor enthusiast has their favorite trail/area to explore. Which one is yours? Devil’s Thumb? Boulder Creek? Garden of the Gods? While all of these fairly well-known trails are beautiful, they may be a bit congested due to their popularity. The virtually unknown, hidden gem of a trail known as Ice Lake, however, may just be one of the quietest, most gorgeous, yet underrated hikes of them all.

Located near Silverton in the San Juan National Forest, the Ice Lakes Trail features jaw-dropping views of lush meadows, colorful peaks, and the pristine waters of the Island, Clear, Fuller, and Ice Lakes.

No matter your skill level or desired length of hike, Ice Lake and its surrounding trailheads has something for everyone. For a full list of these trailheads, distances, and locations, check out this handy guide from Hiking & Walking.

Have you had the opportunity to hike this gorgeous trail?