The Chocolate Egg Cremes Are Only One Of The Many Reasons To Visit Fiona’s Deli In Colorado

When you think of delis, which kinds of foods come to mind? Meat and cheese, right? While both of these are delicious, we happen to also associate delis with homemade baked goods and other decadent treats, thanks to the unique Fiona’s Delicatessen, Bakery & Catering in Colorado:

We learned about Fiona’s (and its dreamy chocolate creme eggs) from one of our awesome readers! Do you have a favorite attraction, restaurant, or event that you would like to see featured on Only in Colorado? Nominate it here! For even more of our favorite places to eat around Northern Colorado, check out The Small Town In Colorado Boasting World-Famous Pie Is The Sweetest Day Trip Destination.

Address: Fiona's Delicatessen, Bakery & Catering, 1001 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA