This Epic Crystal Cave Is One Of The Most Relaxing Places In All Of Colorado

There is nothing quite like a day at the spa… whether you are getting your nails done or are partaking in an oh-so relaxing massage, there is truly no better way to unwind and pamper yourself! However, if you are wanting to unwind and pamper yourself PLUS improve your health, there is no beating this epic Colorado crystal cave:

Located in an unsuspecting strip mall in Aurora, the beautiful Havana Health Spa is the best place to relax in Colorado thanks to its numerous spa services and immaculately clean facility. Named the “Best Day Spa for Your Buck” by Westword, Havana Health charges a mere $19 to access the building’s numerous saunas and also offers other services such as massage and body scrubs. While we love most everything about this unique Korean spa, our favorite part of all would have to be the incredible crystal cave, which is included with the $19 admission fee and is said to promote better blood circulation, clearer skin, assist with digestive issues, and leave you feeling more energized than ever before.

The Havana Health Spa is located at 2020 S Havana St. in Aurora and is open every day of the year from 7 am to 9:30 pm. For more information on the spa and its crystal room, please refer to their website.

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