This Charming Town In Colorado Is Perfect For A Summer Day Trip

Are you looking to get away (if only for just one day)? Lucky for us Coloradoans, there are plenty of fun and charming towns perfect for a summer day trip by yourself, with your family, or with a group of friends! However, the town of Grand Lake may be our favorite for these reasons:

Aside from the obvious fact that the small town of nearly 500 is absolutely gorgeous, it is also full of fun things to do by yourself, with your friends, or even as a family! From outdoor activities (like swimming at the beach, fishing, hiking, and other water sports) to ample shopping along the boardwalk to diverse dining options, there is truly no shortage of things to experience in Grand Lake.

Need some ideas for just what to do? Well…

As if you needed another reason to love Grand Lake, here is one more: Compared to other Colorado mountain towns, Grand Lake is a quiet, peaceful, and virtually uncrowded oasis in the Rockies!

Have you had the opportunity to visit Grand Lake? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?