The Story Behind This Evil Place In Colorado Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

The Centennial State is chock-full of haunted places that range from somewhat innocent and friendly to terrifying and sometimes downright morbid. While we do moreso enjoy the less-scary haunts, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell you the spine-tingling story behind this flat-out creepy and maybe even evil place that is sure to make your blood turn cold. This haunted place in Colorado is one for the campfire stories someday.


Ready to experience this evil for yourself? Watch this:

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Address: Gold Camp Road, Gold Camp Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
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Haunted Place in Colorado

October 23, 2021

What are some haunted places in Colorado?  

Colorado is one of those states that, should you know where to look, is just as creepy as it is beautiful. For every majestic photo of mountain ranges, wildflowers, and waterfalls, you can probably find another of an abandoned place, a ghost town, or a place known to be haunted. Some places that are considered to be the most haunted in the state include the old Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, which was the muse and inspiration behind Stephen King’s best-selling novel The Shining. Speaking of haunted hotels, the Hotel Colorado is another you’ll probably want to add to your haunted places in Colorado bucket list; it’s said to be haunted by the restless spirits of soldiers who died here during its time as a hospital in WWII. And then there’s the entire town of Georgetown; that whole town is said to be crawling with the spirits of folks who lived there once upon a time. For more of our favorite haunted places in Colorado, check out this list 

Where are the oldest cemeteries in Colorado?  

Colorado isn’t a state with ridiculously old cemeteries like ones you’d find on the east coast; in fact, the oldest still-operating cemetery was opened in 1876 which, in terms of cemeteries, is relatively recent. There are, however, some old, abandoned cemeteries throughout the state which have been forgotten over time. It’s hard to say how old some of the oldest are; many have graves that aren’t even marked. Some of Colorado’s older cemeteries include Silver Cliff Cemetery, in Silver Cliff, Bingham Hill Cemetery in LaPorte (which is also said to be quite haunted – as in, “don’t go there at night” haunted!), and Woodpecker Hill, which is where many death row inmates in the state of Colorado end up should they go unclaimed.  

Address: Gold Camp Road, Gold Camp Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, USA