BREAKING NEWS out of Colorado (one of the most beautiful, albeit most expensive places to live in the country): Affordable housing in the Centennial State may be nearly impossible to find in 2018 (and is projected to get even worse, if you can believe it) but there is some good news for Coloradans and potential transplants, as residents can actually get paid to live in our beautiful state:

Just how does one cash in on living in Colorado? As per Country Living’s These 9 Places in America Will Pay You to Move There, there are two ways for residents to get paid for living in the Centennial State, including if you have a permanent disability (“If you have a permanent disability, Colorado has a program that will help you finance your first home”) as well as those buying their first home (“The state also offers a down payment assistance grant for everyone that offers up to 4% of a first mortgage, with no repayment necessary”). In addition to Colorado assisting their home buyers, Country Living lists 8 other states, including Alaska, Kansas, Wyoming, and Maryland.

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