During A Brutal Storm, More Than 700 Stranded Travelers Were Saved By The Tiny Town Of Fairplay, Colorado

It seems like anytime you turn on the TV, nothing is being shown or reported but bad news, which is why anytime we hear something positive, we want to share it with the world! While feelings about last week’s massive snowstorm were hugely mixed (my 5-year-old was thrilled not to have school, and I was less than enthusiastic about having to shovel), it did bring a little good to Colorado, including much-needed moisture and restored hope in humanity via the town of Fairplay:

While residents could have handled the situation much differently, they managed to come together and step up for hundreds of strangers, making us proud to call these good people our neighbors. Way to go, Fairplay! To learn even more about the tiny town of Fairplay, check out It’s Impossible Not To Love The Most Eccentric Town Near Denver.

Address: Fairplay, CO 80440, USA