Not Many People Realize That Colorado Is Home To A Statewide Downtown Underground

You have heard stories and legends… but are they true or mere tales? What am I talking about? Why, the underground tunnels spanning the entire state of Colorado, of course! Around the time of Colorado’s conception, tunnels under the streets of bustling downtown areas were a common addition, serving as below-ground entrances and storage areas for local businesses. Sadly, these fascinating structures are now on the Colorado Endangered Places List. Let’s take a look:

To get a better look at Colorado’s Downtown Underground, check out this video from Colorado’s Most Endangered Places:


For more information about the underground tunnels, other historic preservation sites around the state, and ways to get involved in the projects, visit the Colorado Preservation, Inc. website here.

Did you know about these unique hidden locations beneath our streets? Are there other secret spots that you know of? Let us know in the comments below!

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