There’s A Place Called Devil’s Backbone In Colorado And It’s Basically Heaven

Usually when you hear the word “devil,” thoughts of darkness and evil come to mind… however, when it comes to this outdoor Colorado attraction, ironically called the Devil’s Backbone, the complete opposite is true. See for yourself:

Located near Loveland, the Devil’s Backbone is two miles of unique Dakota sandstone that rises a whopping 200 feet over the surrounding plains. In addition to its stunning landscape, the Devil’s Backbone is home to native wildlife, gorgeous wildflowers, and even some yet-to-be-discovered fossils (an ancient elephant with 5-foot-long tusks was discovered in the crags)! Whether you walk, jog, hike, bike, or ride, you are sure to find something to love about this beautiful and geologically diverse area, which was named the first Larimer open space in 1995.

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