This Is The Number One Unsolved Mystery In Denver And It Will Leave You Baffled

We may never know what really happened to Alfred Packer (aka The Colorado Cannibal) and his prospecting party in the cold, cruel winter of 1874, but what we do know is this unlikely folk hero and his gruesome legend will live on in infamy, and you can visit his gravesite at the Littleton Cemetery any old time you want.

Despite warnings of harsh winter weather, Packer and a group of five other gold prospectors headed into the San Juan Mountains in February of 1874, and what happened next remains one of our state’s greatest unsolved mysteries. Packer emerged from the woods in April of 1874, alone and reportedly carrying money, a rifle, and a skinning knife belonging to members of his party. Suspicions were raised, confessions were made, and a tangled tale of murder, cannibalism, and conviction would follow.

I strongly urge you to explore the facts (or fiction) for yourself and see if you can discover the real truth behind the Colorado Cannibal! Visit the Colorado State Archives for a chronology of events, digital copies of Packer’s Supreme Court trial, his full confessions, and more!