When Denver was first founded in 1858, there was no way that the city’s popularity and consistent growth could have been predicted. Today, the Mile High City is America’s most highly educated city, has the largest park system in the country, and ranks #19 in terms of population. To get a better idea of what Denver looked like during its beginning years, check out this fascinating video by J Steven Opp that shows fascinating old photos taken in Denver:

For even more historic pictures of Denver, check out what Denver looked like 100 years ago… it may surprise you. Do you have any old photos taken in Denver? Share your old Denver photos with us at Only In Colorado.

This Is What Denver Looked Like 100 Years Ago…It May Surprise You

Colorado is blessed with an abundance of natural areas, and there are many historic pictures of Denver and the surrounding cities that capture this beauty perfectly. Here are some of our favorite natural areas in Colorado – perhaps some of your photos will be counted among our state’s historic treasures someday:


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