Anyone else out there a “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” super fan? I, for one, am guilty as charged. I distinctly remember sitting huddled together with my brother and sister, listening to the terrifying tales emanating from the seemingly harmless cassette tape, and praying with all my might that such ghostly legends were nothing more than fiction. But hearing Michael describe his harrowing true tale of terror from Riverdale Road in the video below, awakens every supernatural nightmare one could possibly conceive. In “Full the Darkness #7: The Gates of Hell,” Michael shares a personal account of unexplained frights that occurred on this notoriously haunted road near Denver, and after hearing his tale, you just may never want to pass that way again.

Local legend tells us the 11-mile stretch of Riverdale Road that winds between Thornton and Brighton is home to unspeakable and unimaginable things. The Gates of Hell, phantom dogs, witch hangings, devil worshippers, and ghosts of all sorts, including slaves, the lady in white, and even children have been seen and heard on this allegedly highly cursed stretch of pavement. Thrill seekers and ghost hunters are especially fond of the ruins of the creepy mansion, where a crazed man brutally murdered his entire family by burning the house to the ground as they slumbered. Muffled screams can be heard and the lady in white (assumedly his wife) is often seen wandering the grounds, perhaps luring sacrificial lambs to the infamous Gates of Hell. Other eyewitness accounts include seeing the bodies of slaves hanging from trees, a phantom black Camaro with a ghostly driver who attempts to race other vehicles to their deaths, and a jogger’s ghost who’s out for blood and stalks passengers of parked cars at the crest of “Jogger’s Hill.”

The spooky stories go on and on, but it’s up to do to decide. Are you among those who are brave enough to take the legendary ride down the famously haunted Riverdale Road? I double dog dare you!

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