The Easy 1-Mile Winter Hike In Denver That’s Positively Bewitching

Have you been cooped up because of the chilly temperatures and are wanting to break free from the confines of your home? There is no need to fork over insane amounts of cash for a vacation; just take this easy 1-mile winter hike near Denver that is totally bewitching:

Whether you are a beginning hiker or an old pro, you are guaranteed to find your perfect trail at the stunning Alderfer Three Sisters Park! Located near Evergreen, Alderfer features a number of different hikes at varying skill levels, including the scenic meadow Wild Iris Loop (which comes in at a comfortable .6 miles round trip), intermediate and winding Sisters Trail, and even an unmarked 10-mile trail, which can be accessed by following the park’s outer trails. No matter what you decide, you are sure to find something to love at this beautiful Denver-area park.

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