This Disturbing House In Denver Is So Creepy It Inspired A Movie

Are you a lover of the paranormal? Maybe you are counting down the days to Halloween? Do you consider yourself somewhat of a film buff? No matter your answer, you are sure to love today’s feature, as it is considered to be not only one of Denver’s most haunted homes, but one of Denver’s most haunted homes that inspired an iconic horror film:

Our story begins in the late 1960s, when musician Russell Hunter began renting a home in Denver’s Cheesman Park neighborhood. As per Hunter’s account, everything was seemingly normal at first, but changed on February 9, 1969, when he began to notice strange occurrences that ranged from crashing sounds every morning to faucets turning themselves on and off to walls violently shaking. Soon after, Russell Hunter and a friend came upon a hidden staircase in one of the home’s closets, which led to a third floor and a startling discovery: a trunk containing the books and journal of a disabled 9-year-old boy.

After conducting a séance, Hunter uncovered the dark story of the boy’s life. As per the séance, the little boy was the heir to a family fortune before becoming ill and dying, which prompted his parents to secretly bury their child under the home and adopt a new son to take his place and fool the rest of the family. Once this alleged truth was revealed, Hunter claims to have experienced even more demonic acts, including his bedroom ceiling shaking and glass doors exploding. Shortly before moving out, Russell Hunter is said to have been given permission to dig under the home, uncovering both human remains and a gold necklace inscribed with the deceased boy’s name. Soon after, the home at 1739 East 13th Avenue was demolished and replaced by a high-rise apartment building. Despite the home itself no longer standing, its story continues to live on thanks to the 1980 horror classic, The Changeling.

What’s your take on this famous Denver ghost story: Did it really happen or mere folklore? For even more paranormal locations, take This Haunted Road Trip Will Lead You To The Scariest Places In Denver.

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