If you have been (or have looked) outside at all in the last 24+ hours, you have probably noticed that we got a bit of snow here in the Denver area… welcome to Colorado, right? While having to drive around and/or get out to shovel in this snow maybe a bit of a headache, it doesn’t even begin to compare to the craziness that was the Denver blizzard of 1982:

What was supposed to be a white Christmas in 1982 quickly turned into a blackout thanks to the 24+ inches and high winds that ravished the city. With its closed roads, doors blocked by large drifts, and an overall lack of four-wheel-drive vehicles around the city, Denver was a mere ghost town, with residents waiting out the storm from the comfort of their homes. Despite grocery stores selling out of the essentials and 15 foot drifts piled up against downtown businesses, Denverites managed to survive and came outside in troves upon the first glimpse of sunlight. After the big blizzard, however, was when reports of fatalities began pouring in, as homeowners suffered severe heart attacks and exposure whilst shoveling.

For a better look into this massive 30-hour blizzard, take a look at this vintage footage from our friends at The Denver Channel:

Did you live in Denver during this massive storm? Share your memories with us!

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