So Many Butterflies Are Migrating Through Denver That They’ve Been Picked Up By The Doppler Radar

It’s a flock of birds, it’s a plane….nope, it’s actually a massive amount of butterflies.

The National Weather Service out of Boulder posted two radar images on their Twitter account Tuesday morning that showed a large, mysterious mass hovering over the Denver metro area. Meteorologists initially thought these images were migrating birds, which is not an uncommon occurrence to view via radar. The next day, after they received several eye witness accounts from locals, the National Weather Service determined that what they saw was, in fact, migrating painted lady butterflies.

Although most of the painted lady butterflies are well on their way to Arizona, New Mexico, and Northwest Mexico by now, we are so glad they made such an memorable stop here in the Denver area.

Did you experience the plentiful amount of painted lady butterflies this year? Share in the comments below!