The Epic Ice Festival In Colorado You Won’t Want To Miss

As Coloradans, we have a love/hate relationship with ice. Sure, it can be pretty when it is glistening in the sunlight, but it is also slippery, dangerous, and can even be flat out deadly. However, one small town in Colorado has found a way to repurpose this cold and crystalline solid, and has even turned it into remarkable works of art:

Celebrating its 10th year, the Cripple Creek Ice Festival is a unique Colorado event that showcases some of the most innovative and talented artists and sculptures in the state. This year, the Cripple Creek Ice Festival will run February 11th through the 19th and will showcase a fun “Safari in Ice” theme that is not to be missed!

As per the Colorado Springs’s Visitor’s Bureau website, “The Cripple Creek Ice Festival is one of the most exciting times of the year in this historic town. Be sure to join the Cripple Creek community as 160 pound blocks of ice are transformed into this year’s theme of Mythologtical Wonderland. Don’t forget to stop by the main event tent, where you can purchase votes for your favorite ice sculptures.”

In addition to the amazing works of art, the Cripple Creek Ice Festival also features special ice sculptures for the kids to climb on as well as games, mazes, and number of local vendors. The 10th Annual Cripple Creek Ice Festival is located on Bennett Avenue in Cripple Creek and is FREE to the public! For more information on this exciting family event, visit the Ice Festival’s official website.

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