If you live here, you get it; Colorado drivers are the worst of the worst. Remember everything you learned in your high school driver’s ed course? Go ahead and toss it out the window because laws do not apply here. To give you a visual of just how bad Colorado drivers can be, check out this video by Youtube user ColoradoDashCam, who writes: “Do you think you would’ve honked at some of the people in this video? I feel like this one was only slightly entertaining, all the wild stuff happened when I didn’t have the camera with me. Once I even ended up doing a donut by accident in the middle of the road and one of the times it snowed, sad it missed that. The next round certainly will not be another four months away, I get my license at the end of June and will be driving more than just 3-4 times a month like I have been lately. Enjoy!”

What do you think? Was this video humorous? Or did it just give you a bad headache?

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